Welcome to Toubin

T oubins offer full service catering or the option of take out food which can be delivered directly to you. There take out menu is extensive and exciting offering a wide range of choices in all areas.They also offer a variety of ready garnished platters; vegetable, cheese, fruit, fish and cold meats etc. Toubins offer excellent value for a special simcha but most importantly says Shulamis Toubin "we offer peace of mind, family functions tend to bring with them extra stress and we are here to lean on and help guide you through the simcha and will help take care of additional needs such as flowers, photographers etc. We are here to listen to you and give you the function you are looking for. Our many years of experience and satisfied customers testify to this.

  • 20 years of friendly, reliable Anglo service
  • Any function, big or small
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free & allergy-friendly options available

Feel how it is inside

We are always available to you because "your simcha is our simcha".